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To help us respond to you as quickly as possible, we invite you to contact us:
- Your NAME , FIRST NAME , ORDER NUMBER (you can find this information on your invoice or by logging into your account on our online store)
- If it is an after-sales service request, we handle all requests by email By providing us with your NAME , FIRST NAME , ORDER NUMBER as well as the PHOTOS of your little gem.

NB: Your order numbers play a crucial role in processing your after-sales service requests and in tracking your correspondence. By communicating them, you help us speed up and simplify the processing of your requests. If you ever have difficulty finding this information, do not hesitate to consult your customer account by logging into our online store. Without these order numbers, it will unfortunately be impossible for us to process your requests.

The answers to the most asked questions are here: our FAQ

Don't hesitate to take a look if you haven't already <3