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A piece of jewelry by definition is precious, so it must be carefully taken care of in the same way as your skin.

Here are some tips that will help you protect them on a daily basis and avoid damaging them:

At Ode & Rime, we are concerned about the quality of our products and their impact on the skin and the environment.

It is crucial to note that water, chlorine, other chemicals, or household products, hydroalcoholic gels or corrosive components can be aggressive to the skin and the environment, and can damage metals and precious stones in general.

Although our jewelry is hypoallergenic, we encourage careful handling of your jewelry on a daily basis. We strongly recommend minimizing contact with these corrosive components with our skin jewelry.

If you want to wear your jewelry while bathing, in the shower or at sea, we advise you to take care of them by cleaning them regularly and protecting them with a soft cloth.

We also recommend that you do your beauty before going through the accessorizing stage.

Moisture doesn't blend with your skin as much as it does with your jewelry.

A bath is great but without jewelry is better

Be careful of direct sunlight, your jewelry is sensitive to it like your skin 😉

The bags or boxes included in your orders are designed to protect your Skin Jewel from dust, scratches and possible shocks.
We have chosen 100% natural materials from linen, recycled cotton & eco-friendly🌎, ideal for absorbing moisture, protecting them from oxidation and tarnishing of the jewelry by preserving them from air and humidity.
Easy to transport, they will take care of your jewelry and protect them from water and humidity.
Do not hesitate to use it when traveling or simply when you are not wearing your jewelry.

As for the beauty of your jewelry, use a soft, dry cloth to clean your jewelry: this will avoid any trace of scratches and will remove all the acidity from the skin in one gesture.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information on

Our team will be happy to answer you. 📧